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Other smiths make the sabers you see in the films, my goal is to give you the ones you havent seen.

Saber smithing monkey making custom and unique Lightsabers

What flavor would you like?

With all the options out there  for the inner workings of a saber it comes down to your look when it comes to custom. With my ability to powder coat and soon acid etch them each saber design of yours or mine can be tweaked that little bit just for you.

From concept to reality.

If you have an idea, being a drawn concept or just an idea in your head chances are it can be a saber. Got a thing for Tinker Bell, believe it or not I have n idea in my head stewing around for that. How about the god Anubus, I got a few ideas on that one, and 1 does not even look like a saber. If you can dream it, its a possibility we can make it.

Custom and unique is the key.

We are all unique individuals so why shouldnt your saber. I have so many ideas of possible sabers in my head that I have never seen by other saber smiths that sometimes even make you question "is that even a lightsaber?" 

So do you want a saber that fits who you are? Or do you want to be  "Human #29851993, Issued saber style #73"

New to Sabers - Whats in them and cost what they do

The reason they cost what they do

From Batteries, sound board, switches, LED package options, Speaker, Wires and any decorative details like a Crystal chamber; the cost of a lightsaber can get expensive.

LED package options

For a good while sabers used a 1, then a 3 LED package for more color options. These are still used and are the more cost effective option but still run a good 20-40$  The new craze is NeoPixels. These are great but far more expensive but do offer great special effects. 


Once you have chose your LED option you will need the batteries. depending on your design and needs some may be an greater option for you. this includes run time, size and soundboard selection. This also means the recharge port since these batteries are designed to be recharged in hilt.

Sound Board

There are MANY makers of soundboards out there and some are still experimental because the saber tech is always advancing. These boards can range from 50$ for the most basic to up in the 300+ range for the way advanced ones. Some of the advanced ones are even controllable by your phone.


Like sound boards there are many kinds of speakers, be it size or sound range.  Some are considered Bass speakers and require more resonance room inside the saber than the full range speakers. 


Sometimes you want a little bling to your saber so you may want a partially or fully exposed crystal chamber. These are purely decorative and for the most part simply add length to the saber. Either way these little extras are a lot of  by hand work.


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Whenever I have the time and the drive. Saber smithing is my hobby, not a full time business.