Flavor Options

Tweaking details

Most of the sabers I create I do in runs or 5 or so  unless there is more interest. That said I make them as a bare hilt so that I can make tiny changes or "Flavors" per customer. Most times people want a custom color change only, some times its some detail edits. These options can easily effect the over all pricing on one of these but typically not unless its a major change.

Electronics options

Lightsaber tech is constantly changing and these changes give many options as to what you can have in your final piece. Several companies make soundboards of varying capabilities and several  more places make the actual LED options. So having a basic idea of what you want and what you can afford is key to making yours

LED options

For years most sabers were simple "flashlight" style sabers. A single or x3 LED set up would illuminate the hollow blade of the saber. Now with the neopixel strips becoming more dense with LEDs per meter you can have a saber with a much more evenly lit blade over the "flashlight" style saber set up. This is however a new saber tech and its still changing, so with that some soundboards may have more  interesting options for you.

Battery options

Run times are always something to factor in also with your needs. The standard battery of choice for sabers is the 18650 size battery. Depending on if your going "flashlight" or pixel strip saber will greatly determine battery life. From several hours of run time down to just a single hour before recharging is needed. Size of the battery is also a thing to consider. There is a 26650 batter that offers up to 3 hours of run time on a pixel strip  saber rather than just 1 hour. However this battery is considerably larger and more complex to fit inside of a saber with everything else that has to be stuffed inside it.