So far this is the ONLY saber I have made going off the films and was made for a friend. I learned a few tricks for this one including getting a small rotary table giving me some more option to my builds. The 1/2 inch thin neck provided a little extra challenges as it made standard blade connection not possible. Instead I resorted to using a 1/4 headphone jack down its neck for the blades electrical connection. 

This saber is something I made as a request from a fried. He mentioned the local Kendo club has a Lightsaber night and he wanted to join in. So going loosely off the "Dark saber" I decided to go with that front end and do the rest in a dcaled pattern. The front and back was made with 3D printed rubber using my Form 2 printer.

This 3d printed rubber actually turns out to be not so great of a material in my opinion but since this is mainly a experimental saber I am fine with how it turned out. If I had to make more of these it is likely I would 3d print it from the usual plastic  material as that is much stronger material, then likely paint it and spray coat a clear plasti dip to give it a better feel as a grip.

A friend wanted to have one of my sabers, he also was talking about getting a nice flashlight, so I figured why not both in 1. With that idea stewing around in my head for a bit the concept of "Slash Light" was formed.This Saber is a neo pixel based saber for the main blade but also has a "Flashlight LED" module hidden away inside the hilt. 

This LED module however posed a small problem, How to get it back out since it sat very flush at the tip. The resulting idea was to make the front shroud slightly slid-able with a small post to push the module off the contact points. This saber is also the first saber I ever did some acid etching with. That alone was a pain as it turns out Brother based laser printers are incapable of doing the tasks you need for acid etching.