VI details

This was the first saber I ever completed as far as I wanted. I used a bass speaker  in the back but decided to reflect a red LED off the  chrome  end of it to make the back end light up as long as the power was turned on. This saber has 2 red LEDs and a single white for the flash on clash feature. The Part I really ended up liking was the center grip area. I actually used part of a thin yoga mat for what looks like leather section. This gives the body a squishy and very comfortable grip that conforms to any grip you apply.

Razor Back Details

I really liked the StarKiller design with the huge open crystal chamber so I wanted to do something like it. Only I chose to flip it over and make it a curved saber. Once I had it all powder coated as nice as I wanted i assembled it and sprayed a layer of satin black along the bottom to make it look like the saber had been "cooked" over and open flame and got burned. This saber has not yet been finished sadly because I need to make 1 more part for it to seperate the crystal chamber and the batter section. I may still finish this one when I find the time. 

Corbin Details

This saber was a gift to my nephew for christmas one year. This was the first saber I made using one of the tiny 20mm speakers and I was pleased at how well it worked. Down side is I made tiny underside slots for the accent led to shine through, well them slots disrupted the speakers resonance and ended up cutting the volume almost in half. Lesson learned on that.

Ella Details

A gift for the niece for Christmas I made last year.  The black section of the body is as always my 1 1/4 OD aluminum tube but this time I used a thin bit of PVC pipe as the outer body. I scuffed it up with a rather corse sandpaper to scratch it and then dirties it up a little wich gave it a off white outer bone look to it. 

Scratch Details

Scratch was one of the most complex sabers I made to date. I wanted 2 things in this design that made it different from other sabers out there. 1- i wanted it to light up from the inside along the mid section of the body. The hard part there was the light had to shine around the battery in the center. I ended up using a reflective tape on the battery to help that factor. 2-  I wanted to make a spring loaded kill key to hide the recharge oprt. You either push in the back end and turn Right or Left to either turn it on or to pull the end out for recharging needs. 

Also as a neko lover I added a cat bell on the lip and a optional tail that fits in the back end  kill key section.

Acid Details

With Acid I wanted to use a section of blade acrylic for a crystal chamber cover. The body of this was actually a failure of another design I had that I reworked to be the main body of this design. She is the longest saber I have ever made mainly because of the 4 1/4 inch crystal chamber. While the chamber looks great  it was a pain to assemble since I still needed the wires to pass through, preferably unseen. The crystal chamber can also be customized/randomized  as far as the crystal holder ends look wise. 

Conflict Details

The main feature of this saber is still untested and from what I have been told by the soundboard makers may not be possible due to the voltage changes needed. That idea is a pressure sensitive color change blade, When your holding the saber  loosely it is one color. Squeeze the handle and it turns another. squeeze tighter and it goes to another.

The idea is it would be Blue when your calm and holding lightly. squeeze a little and it adds a little red turning the saber Purple. Squeeze even tighter and it cuts off the Blue and leaves you with just Red. I also wanted to have what looked like floating armor plates that are lit from underneath. I tried sideglow cable (the light whip looking pic) but on curves of that material the color changed to undesired effects. I may still revisit this at a later date.

Bloom Details

Bloom was made for a friend of mine and was one of my first sabers. That said one of  the features I wanted in it did not end up working. She has a pink blade and flashes red when struck.The failed feature was a swap of that so the blade would be red but flash Pink. I have since fixed this issue in my Scratch build where it is Red and flashes white or green flashes white.

Kagemitsu Details

Based on the anime SAO this is the Photon sword from the second season. I went through a few body changes before I finally  ended up with what i made several copies of and sold.  I made it so it could hold a simple soundboard or a more complex color changing board giving me on the fly color change control. This was also one of the shortest sabers i have ever made  ending up at10 1/4 inches. Thecustom D-ring was a real pain to make and is still difficult to make

Elegance details

Elegance is my first NeoPixel saber I have ever made and I love it. Knowing the power requirements are much higher than the standard LED set up because instead of 3 LEDs its 225+ of them I opted for the much bigger batter type. This type of LED package lets you actually have the off and on scrolling and variable speeds for that. Not to mention color change options are great. 6 sound fonts, up to 16 select able colors (from thousands) gives me plenty of options

One of the nice things about this LED blade option is the blade is future feature capabilities. NeoPixels are still new as far as the soundboards are concerend, but the pixels are still the same. That said as the soundboards advance the old first blade i made will accept any future capabilities down the line.