The Process

Concept Stage

Often times an idea pops in our head for a saber design and we question if it can even be done. This idea may spur from a toy you see in the store, an object laying on the floor or something seen in a show. Once you have this spark you draw it out and then slightly edit it so it would have enough room for everything that must go in it. 

Determining processing steps

Often times your design is more complex than just a smooth stick based design. In these cases you have to determine what details need to be done  and in what order to make it as solid and as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Test fitting and beyond

Once your design has been created its time for 1 final test fitting and assembly  without the electronics. When your satisfied with it its now time for the powder coating. acid etching or painting of the individual parts. Soon enough your parts will be ready and so will your saber  that had recently started as nothing more than a spark  in your head.